The UHS911 Emergency Notification service is used by the University of Houston System to deliver text messages to students, faculty, and staff.

If you believe you have received a message from UHS911 (847911) unintentionally and do not wish to receive further messages from UHS911, please text STOP using the approproriate command below. Standard message rates / other charges may apply.

University of Houston PIER Emergency Web sites

University of Houston http://www.uhemergency.info START UH STOP UH HELP UH
--- Emergency Check-In System http://www.uh.edu/checkin      
--- IT Availability Center http://www.itac-uh-edu.info/      
University of Houston Clear Lake http://www.uhclemergency.info START UHCL STOP UHCL HELP UHCL
University of Houston Downtown http://www.uhdemergency.info START UHD STOP UHD HELP UHD
University of Houston Victoria http://www.uhvemergency.info START UHV STOP UHV HELP UHV